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Erin's party January (2017)

Thank you very much for taking the stress out of the birthday party :-)


Jazz's party January (2017)


Jazz loved it!!


Emilie's party Sept 2016 (2016)

The party went really well - Callum, the host was FAB!

Harry's party in September (2016)

BRILLIANT! - Thank you

Eknaam's party September (2016)

My son enjoyed his birthday party a lot! Thank you very much for everything

Joey's party September (2016)


Nicholas' party September (2016)

Fab party. Nicholas loved it! Thank you

Victor's party September (2016)

Lovely party! Many thanks.

Felix's party September (2016)

Very friendly staff, all great with the children.

George's party September (2016)

Very good! Lots of happy kids. Thank you

Marlon's party September (2016)

Lovely staff! Great party!

Thanish's party September (2016)

Very good organisation, thank you

Sami's party September (2016)

Thanks to Bekki for doing a great job taking all the stress out of organising 16 kids! We all had a great time.

Archie and Delilah's party September (2016)

All the kids had lots of fun, definately coming back!

Ryan's party September (2016)

Very good, thank you.

Tom's party September (2016)

Very well organised and Sarah was a lovely host. Thank you so much for everything.

Louie's party September (2016)

A lovely party, thank you!

Fabris' party October (2016)

Callum and Amy were the perfect hosts, super friendly and very accommodating.

We love Space2Play as much as the kids which is why this is the fifth year of returning back here. Thanks again!

Jamie's party October (2016)

FANTASTIC PARTY! They all loved it and no real effort for us. Thank you!!

Lucy's party October (2016)

Very well organised from the beginning to the end

Excellent setup and a special thanks to Sarah who was great and very thoughtful. Many thanks.

Tessa's party October (2016)

Really well organised. All the kids had a fantastic time.

Amelia's party October (2016)

All had a great time!

Arran's party October (2016)

All the kids enjoyed themselves!

Patrick's party October (2016)


Everything was PERFECT!!!

Thank you

Benjamin's party October (2016)

It was a fantastic party with everything organised very well. Thank you so much!

Ben, Ellie, Ella and Orin's party October (2016)

Really well organised and they all had a great time! Thank you

Precious' party October (2016)

We all really enjoyed the day, everything was perfect!

Dillon's party October (2016)

The party was very well organised. The staff were all very helpful. Thank you.

George's party October (2016)

Had a great party. Thank you very much!!

Finlay's party October (2016)

Totally amazing party, made even better by the fantastic host Callum!

All the children loved it. He is a credit to your team. Amazing!

Bogdan's party October (2016)

Very good service from all the staff. All the kids and fun and were very happy :-)  !!!

Luca's party October (2016)

Just brilliant!

Really lovely, helpful and child friendly staff who went the extra mile

Kids had a fab time

Would recommend it to others!

Mishka's party (2016)

Hannah was really lovely to the kids and very polite. Very calm, thank you

Daneil's party November (2016)

Great party and the hosts were very helpful

Matthew's party November (2016)

Another excellent party at Space2Play - Thank you!

Robert's party November (2016)

Very polite party hst and very paient with a party of 2 year olds. Thank you xx

Olivia's party November (2016)

Very helpful and very well organised :-)

Oscar's party November (2016)

A brilliant party, takes the stress out of hosting a oarty. Thank you so much!

Bethany's party October (2016)

Great party. Will come again! Thanks

Edourdo's party November (2016)

Very nice party. Thank you!

Tian's party November (2016)

Tiana and all enjoyed the party. As our first time here, we wish to come again for more parties.

Zachery's party November (2016)

Fantastic - Organised so well! Thank you!

William's party November (2016)

Very well organised. The party host Amy did an excellent job and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thank you!

Eliz's party Novemvber (2016)

Great party!!

Joseph's party November (2016)

The party was really well organised and stress free. The kids loved it! Thank you

Freddies party November (2016)

Thank you for being so accommodating!

Astrid's party Dec (2016)

Excellent party and a fantastic host. Thank you again for a great party.

Isabella's party (2016)

Excellent party and organisation.   All the staff were very helpful

Dexter and Harvey's party December (2016)

Thank you so much, we all had a fabulous time!

Edwards party December (2016)

Very well run, host was great with the kids. Thank you.


Aliya's party December (2016)

Lovely party, thank you very much.


Grace's party December (2016)

All very goog! Thank you for putting on a lovely party for Grace xx

Lucas' party December (2016)

BRILLIANT!! - Many thanks


Gram's party December (2016)

All the kids really enjoyed themselves x


Lukes party December (2016)

Luke had a great party. Thank you for all your hard work. All the children really enjoyed it!


Lara's party December (2016)

Thank you - All the kids loved it.


Qwen's party December (2016)

Amy, the host, was very good, always keeping us informed. We will definately be coming back, thanks


Domanic's party December (2016)

Al the kids had a great time, thank you


Chloe and Lucy's party December (2016)

Jess the host has been amazing!

Best host ever!

The girls loved their party, thank you so much xx


Elliot's party December (2016)

Excellent service. Were made to feel very special.


Ramona and Amber's aprty December (2016)

Really well organised. Steph was a great host and very helpful - Many thanks


Noah's party December (2016)

The easiest party I have ever had! The party host was really helpful with all the children's different needs.


Harry's party December (2016)

Great organisation and hassle free for parent. Thank you


Romina and Arial's party December (2016)

Hannah was a total sweetheart and helped with everthing. Thank you!


Ariadna's party December (2016)

Fantastic service

Polite and well organised

Caters to customers needs

Value for money

Stress free

Makes me miss my youth!


Arther's party December (2016)

Very organised, friendly, clean and fun. Thank you for a lovely party!


Remi's party December (2016)

All very well organised. Leanne was lovely!


Harrison's party December (2016)

Thank you so much for a fab time, Harrison and his friends loved it!


Charlie's party December (2016)

Everybody was very polite and approacable :-)


Harrison's party December (2016)

Excellent party, the host Amy was very friendly. Harrison had a GREAT time

Sophie's party December (2016)

Hassle free, friendly, well organised. Sophie had a great time. Thank you!


Jack's party December (2016)

I am very pleased all round with the party and service. Emily and Amy the hosts were very polite and helpful.


Sarah's party January (2016)

Pria did a great job!! Very happy with everthing!


Clara's party Januar (2016)

Very happy with the party and the party host. Thank you very much!!


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Under 4: 7

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